Sung-suk Violet Yu

Sung-suk Violet Yu is a faculty member in the department of criminal justice at John Jay College. Beyond joining John Jay in 2010, Violet worked at the Vera Institute of Justice as a senior research associate and principal investigator of research projects focused on corrections. Dr. Yu’s research interests include correctional health, the impact of environment on spatial patterns of crime, and crime prevention. A graduate of Simon Fraser University in Canada, she earned the Ph.D. in criminal justice at Rutgers University—Newark.

Selected Publications

Yu, Sung-suk Violet (2011). Do Bus Stops Increase Crime Opportunities? LFB Scholarly Publishing LLC. New York, NY.

Pizarro, Jesenia M.; Corsaro, Nicholas and Sung-suk Violet Yu (2007). “Journey to Crime and Victimization: An Application of Routine Activities Theory and Environmental Criminology to Homicide.” Victims & Offenders, 2(4): 375-394.

Mellow, Jeff, Steven K.  Hoge, Joshua D. Lee, Mangai Natarajan, Sung-suk Violet Yu, Robert B. Greifinger and Gary Belkin. (2008). Mapping the Innovation in Correctional Health Care Service Delivery in New York City. New York, NY: John Jay College of Criminal Justice.