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What do we Know About NYC’s Stop and Frisk Program? A Spatial and Statistical Analysis.

Evans, Douglas N., Cynthia-Lee Maragh and Jeremy R. Porter (2014). What do we Know About NYC’s Stop and Frisk Program? A Spatial and Statistical Analysis. Advances in Social Sciences Research Journal, 1(2): 129-144. Race appears to affect police decision making in stop-and-frisk situations, but the effect may be mediated by social-class variables. The study shows…Read More »

Psychopathy and Suicidal Behaviour in a Sample of Mentally Disordered Offenders

Negredo, Laura, F. Melis and O. Herrero (2013). Psychopathy and suicidal behaviour in a sample of mentally disordered offenders. Revista Espanola Sanidad Penitenciaria, 15: 3-7. Empirical literature has yielded a positive association between psychopathy levels and suicide attempts. This association is centered around impulsivity and disinhibitory facets of psychopathy, whereas suicide and emotional poverty remain…Read More »

Perceptions of the Victimization of Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities

Evans, Douglas N. (2013). Perceptions of the Victimization of Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities. Advances in Applied Sociology, 3(2): 114-123.Perceptions of the victimization of persons with intellectual disabilities were explored from the perspectives of adults with mild intellectual disabilities as well as service providers and supervisors who work with this population. Interviews were obtained for 10…Read More »

Heroin Abuse and Collective Identity…

Furst, R. Terry, and Rebecca Balletto (2012). Heroin Abuse and Collective Identity: Correlates and Consequences of Geographical Place. International Journal of Mental Health and Addiction, 10(5), 684-695. Ethnography and qualitative research were utilized to examine how the effects of geographic place can be related to heroin abuse and collective identity in small metropolitan areas (SMAs), in…Read More »

Exploring Inmate Reentry in a Local Jail Setting

Michael D. White, Jessica Saunders, Christopher Fisher, and Jeff Mellow (2012). “Exploring Inmate Reentry in a Local Jail Setting: Implications for Outreach, Service use, and Recidivism.” Crime and Delinquency, 58(1): 124-146. Although prisoner reentry has taken center stage in correctional research and policy discussions, there has been little emphasis on reentry among jail populations. This…Read More »

Evaluating Systems Change in a Juvenile Justice Reform Initiative

John K. Roman, Jeffrey A. Butts, and Caterina Roman (2011). “Evaluating Systems Change in a Juvenile Justice Reform Initiative.” Children and Youth Services Review, 33: S41-S53. Evaluating comprehensive, inter-agency initiatives to reform human services systems presents substantial challenges to traditional research models. Outcomes are observed at the system level rather than the individual level, and…Read More »

Halfway Back: An Alternative to Revocation …

Michael D. White, Jeff Mellow, Kristin Englander, Marc Ruffinengo (2011). “Halfway Back: An Alternative to Revocation for Technical Parole Violators.” Criminal Justice Policy Review, 22(2): 140-166. Over the past three decades, concomitant increases in prison population and the use of parole, coupled with a more punitive parole philosophy and fiscal crises at every level of…Read More »

Teen Courts — Do They Work and Why?

Jeffrey A. Butts and Jennifer Ortiz (2011). “Teen courts — Do they work and why?” New York State Bar Association Journal, 83(1): 18-21. Despite their popularity, there are many unanswered questions about the effectiveness of teen courts. The overall impression one gets from the evaluation literature is positive, but researchers have yet to identify exactly why…Read More »

The Transformation of Drug Markets…

R. Terry Furst, Ric Curtis, and Rebecca Balletto (2011). “The Transformation of Drug Markets and its Impact on HIV Outreach to Injection Drug Users in New York City, 1987-2008.” Substance Use & Misuse, 46(2-3): 150-158. This oral history describes three periods of street outreach to injection drug users at risk for HIV in New York…Read More »

Patient Safety: Moving the Bar in Prison Health Care Standards

Marc F. Stern, Robert B. Greifinger, and Jeff Mellow (2010). “Patient Safety: Moving the Bar in Prison Health Care Standards.” American Journal of Public Health, 100(11): 2103-2110. Improvements in community health care quality through error reduction have been slow to transfer to correctional settings. We convened a panel of correctional experts, which recommended 60 patient…Read More »

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