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The Crime Report

The Crime Report  (TCR) is the nation’s only comprehensive news service covering the diverse challenges and issues of 21st century criminal justice in the U.S. and abroad. Staffed by working journalists in New York, Washington and Los Angeles, it is published daily through the year by the Center on Media, Crime and Justice at the John Jay College of Criminal Justice in New York.  TCR’s prizewinning coverage includes investigative reports by the some of the nation’s most accomplished reporters;  analysis, blogs  and commentary by leading criminologists, practitioners, law enforcement/corrections professionals, and legal experts; reports on new and cutting-edge research; and daily summaries of the most important criminal justice news, issues and developments covered by the national and international press.

In  an era when newsroom resources for investigative and analytical journalism are increasingly strained, TCR is dedicated to providing an independent, non-partisan marketplace of news and ideas for those who want more than the daily diet of crime headlines and political rhetoric, The site also features a regularly updated calendar of events in the criminal justice field and a wide-ranging database, with downloadable resource material on criminal justice topics, reporter’s handbooks, multimedia reports, contact lists of experts, journalism case studies, and much more.

TCR is a collaborative effort by two national organizations that focus on encouraging quality criminal justice reporting: the Center on Media, Crime and Justice, the nation’s leading practice-oriented think tank on crime and justice reporting;  and Criminal Justice Journalists the nation’s only membership organization of crime-beat journalists. [See “OUR PARTNERS” below]

TCR is a member of the Investigative News Network  of online investigative journalism sites. Its work is co-published in sites such as Salon.com and The Daily Beast, and it partners with a broad variety of news outlets across the country, such as the Congressional Victims’ Caucus, Women’s Rights, Prison News, The Los Angeles Times, the Chicago News Cooperative, and many others.

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