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Reducing and Preventing Violence Fellowship


Reducing and Preventing Violence: Strengthening Reporting About What Works

New York City Sept 21-22, 2015

Media coverage of violence in American society is skewed too often towards the sensational “if it bleeds, it leads” approach. While conscientious journalists make an effort to cover the debilitating effects of violent crime, particularly in low-income and vulnerable communities, deadline and newsroom pressures still leave a critically important dimension of the story unreported: what can be done—and what is working—to reduce or prevent such violence?  This is a missed opportunity. Without this dimension, news coverage can exacerbate fears, solidify social divisions, and lead to misguided policies. Reporting that covers the solutions as well as the problems can be empowering. Instead of passively accepting the “reality” of violence in their communities and neighborhoods, people can see possibilities for change—and build upon them.

The Center on Media, Crime and Justice (CMCJ), together with the Solutions Journalism Network, is organizing a special workshop and fellowship project to provide journalists with the skills and background knowledge to strengthen their reporting.  The year-long program will consist of a two-day conference at John Jay College of Criminal Justice (Sept 21-Sept 22, 2015) in New York City to introduce selected journalists to current research, best practices and innovative approaches in a wide range of fields—including, but not limited to, education, medicine, psychology, healthcare, social services, and juvenile and criminal justice—that have produced effective results.  More generally, it will provide them with the tools and networking contacts to sustain this “solutions” approach to reporting in their professional careers beyond the time period of the project.

The fellowship includes travel and accommodation for the September conference in New York, and participation in topical webinars through the year to deepen reporting.   Fellows’ news coverage will be cross-posted on their own news sites and at The Crime Report, the Center on Media, Crime and Justice’s national online news service.

We welcome applications from full-time staffers working in print, broadcast and online; and from freelancers with strong track records and news clients who agree to publish/broadcast their work.  Applicants must submit a 150-word bio, 300-word project proposal, and supporting letter from their editor.

Deadline: 11:59 PM ET August 25, 2015 (This project has closed)

Reducing and Preventing Violence: Journalism Fellowship

Fellowship:Call for applications

Important!  Be sure to copy Joe Domanick, CMCJ’s Associate Director with a copy of your fellowship application, at jdomanick@jjay.cuny.edu ,  Joe can also be reached at 310-657-4984 if you have questions. Thanks