"The Only Security of All is in a Free Press"

Academic Advisory Board List

  • Rosemary Barberet, Associate Professor, Sociology
  • David Brotherton, Chairman and Professor, Sociology
  • Dara Byrne, Professor, Department of Communications and Theater Arts
  • David A. Green, Assistant Professor, sociology, crime and the media
  • Devin Harner, Assistant Professor, English and Journalism
  • Delores Jones-Brown, Professor, Law and Police Science
  • Kimora, Professor, Sociology & penal education
  • Tim McCormack, Assistant Professor, English
  • Suzanne Oboler, Professor, Department of Puerto Rican and Latin American Studies
  • Peter Romaniuk, Assistant Professor, Department of Government
  • Charles Strozier, Professor, Department of History, Director, John Jay Center on Terrorism
  • Larry Sullivan, Chief Librarian, Associate Dean
  • Cecile Van de Voorde, Professor, Law & Police Science