"The Only Security of All is in a Free Press"

The Center on Media, Crime and Justice (CMCJ), housed at the John Jay College of Criminal Justice (CUNY) since 2006, is the nation’s only practice- and research-oriented think tank devoted to encouraging and developing high-quality reporting on criminal justice, and to promoting better-informed public debate on the complex 21st-century challenges of law enforcement, public security and justice in a globalized urban society.

Our Mission
The Center provides a non-partisan forum for discussion, networking and information-sharing between the media and the criminal justice community both in the U.S. and abroad, including academics, practitioners and non-government organizations. We offer seminars, training workshops and courses, conferences, specialized research and fellowships for media students, professionals and editors working in print, broadcast, magazine and online. We provide a key link between cutting-edge research and best practices in the field and the media community. Activities include: sponsorship of the annual John Jay Prize for Excellence in Criminal Justice Reporting, and an annual survey of major crime stories and coverage.

Our Partners
The Center operates in partnership with: Criminal Justice Journalists (CJJ), the only U.S. association of working crime and justice reporters; the Institute for Justice and Journalism (IJJ) at USC Annenberg School for Communication; and the CUNY Graduate School of Journalism in New York. We also collaborate with other specialist academic centers at John Jay as well as professional media and criminal justice organizations around the U.S.  Grant support has been provided from several funders and donors, including the Ford Foundation and the Harry F. Guggenheim Foundation.

Current Events
The CMCJ is currently remodeling this website and will be moving to a new site soon.

Click here to read the Winners of the 2017 Excellence in Criminal Justice reporting.  Single story and Series reporting award winners were distributed on February, 16, 2017 at John Jay College.  Please see thecrimereport.org for further details.