Research in Ethics 2012 awards

Awards for Students for Research in Ethics in any Discipline – 2012

Awards period: December 2012 – June 2013

An award program to fund undergraduate and graduate student research in Ethics in any discipline. Proposals are welcome that are based on ethical questions that arise in any academic field of study.

This program accepts applications in the Fall semester from students currently enrolled in upper-level courses (300- and 400-level for undergraduates; second year for graduates) at our college. The award is $2,000.00 for each student selected.

2012 Award Winners
Mario Benabe                       Complexities of Police Authority and the practice of “Stop, Question and Frisk”
Lauren Kois                          Ethnocentrism and Ethical Practices among Forensic Psychologists 
Mehdi Mahraoui                The Ethical Case for a Pathway to Legalization for Generation 1.5 
Christina Massey                Reactions to Research Participation in Victims of Childhood Sexual Abuse