Research in Ethics 2011

Awards for Students for Research in Ethics in any Discipline

Awards period: December 2011 – June 2012

An award program to fund undergraduate and graduate student research in Ethics in any discipline. Proposals are welcome that are based on ethical questions that arise in any academic field of study.

This program accepts applications from full-time students currently enrolled in upper-level courses (300- and 400-level for undergraduates; second year for graduates) at our college. The award is $2,000.00 for each student selected.

2011 Award Winners
Crystal Charles                    The Role of Transparency in the Ethics of Democratic Governance
Margaret Farid                    The Obligation to Obey the Law Is Not Absolute
Patrick Gallimore               Education IS Rehabilitation:  Should College Courses for Prisoners be Publicly Funded?
Joan Hill                                 Rehabilitating Our Veterans: A Proactive Void 
Evan Misshula                     Can Post-Incarceration Restrictions on Association among Ex-prisoners Be Ethical?
Maxine Rauh                        Our Treatment of Animals: The Scope of Moral Community