Philosophy Minor

BA in Criminal Justice with a Minor in Philosophy at John Jay College!

Philosophy Minor:

The Philosophy minor is designed to give students interested in philosophy the opportunity to do intensive work in the field and to have that work recognized. “Philosophy” — a term derived from the ancient Greek philosophia — means “love of wisdom.” As a discipline, philosophy strives to seek thoughtful and rigorous responses to the most fundamental “Why?” questions about ourselves, the world and our place in the world. Areas of study include being or existence, knowledge, ethics, political philosophy and various “philosophy of . . .” issues (e.g., philosophy of law, philosophy of mind, philosophy of language, etc.). Among the core questions that philosophers ask are the following: “What is the nature of justice?” and “How should I live my life?” to “Do humans have free will?” and “What conditions must be satisfied in order to possess genuine knowledge?” “Are moral values objective—and if so, in what sense?” “If values are subjective, what is the basis for value judgments being correct or mistaken?”


␣                  Required (3 credit hours): PHI 231 Knowing, Being, Doing.

␣                  At least two courses drawn from those listed at the 300 level or higher (6 credit hours).

␣                  All philosophy courses satisfy requirements for the minor.

␣                  HJS 250, Justice in the Western Traditions, may also satisfy requirements for the minor.



␣                  Prerequisites for all 300 level courses: English 101 or 201 and Phi 231 or permission of the instructor

␣                  No course may fill more than one requirement for the major or the minor.

Major/Minor Coordinator: Catherine Kemp