The Institute for Criminal Justice Ethics, the only nonprofit, university-based center of its kind in the United States, was established to foster greater concern for ethical issues among practitioners and scholars in the criminal justice field. Through its diverse programs it serves both as a national clearinghouse for information and as a stimulus to research and publication. It seeks to encourage increased sensitivity to the demands of ethical behavior among those who administer and enforce our system of criminal justice, a more focused treatment of moral issues in the education of criminal justice professionals, and a new dialogue among scholars and practitioners on specific topics in criminal justice ethics.

A liberal democracy faces enduringly significant issues concerning criminal justice; these include issues of police practice and criminal procedure, the scope of individuals’ rights and liberties, the legitimate forms of the exercise of state power, the imposition of criminal sanction, and many other matters. These are always ‘live’ issues meriting attention, inquiry, and public debate. The Institute for Criminal Justice Ethics invites scholars and practitioners in a multitude of fields to participate in the rigorous examination of these issues, integrating their theoretical and practical aspects. A multitude of approaches is needed to address the issues of criminal justice ethics in their full complexity. The Institute welcomes contributions from all relevant sources and methods.