2012 Project Participants

Dr. John Deigh

Professor of Philosophy

School of Law / Department of Philosophy   

University of Texas at Austin

John Deigh Home page

Empathy, Justice, and Jurisprudence (2011)

Cognitivism in the Theory of Emotions (1994)


Dr. Alison Leibling

Professor of Criminology and Criminal Justice

Director of the Prisons Research Centre

Director of the Ph.D. Programme

Institute of Criminology, Cambridge University

Alison Leibling Home page

Prisons and their Moral Performance
A Study in Values, Quality and Prison Life (2005)

Staff culture, use of authority and prisoner quality of life (2011)

Dr. Shadd Maruna 

Professor of Justice Studies and Human Development

Director of the Institute of Criminology and Criminal Justice

Queens University, Belfast

Shadd Maruna’s Home page

Why God Is Often Found Behind Bars (2006)

Reentry as a rite of passage (2011)




Dr. Fergus McNeill

Professor of Criminology and Social Work

Scottish Centre for Crime and Justice Research

University of Glasgow

Fergus McNeill’s Home page

Risk, responsibility and reconfiguration (2009)