Outsourcing Security: PMSC Workshop

Outsourcing Security: Private Military & Security Companies and the Quest for Accountability

CIHR and the Institute for Criminal Justice Ethics, John Jay College of Criminal Justice, organized a workshop to discuss the implications over the last past 25 years on private military and security companies and how they have increased their share of the defense budget. These contractors provide basic logistics, feed and supply enlisted men and women, develop and direct sophisticated weapons systems, administer detention facilities and conduct interrogations, and provide personal security for the staff of intergovernmental as well as non-governmental organizations. If the privatization of security functions is here to stay (and this clearly seems to be the case), then the key tasks at hand are: (1) to understand the origins, causes and multiple manifestations of such outsourcing; and (2) to devise an effective regulatory framework that would be consistent with the exigencies of democratic control and would adhere to fundamental human rights and humanitarian law rules and standards. 

Workshop Program

Presentations and Papers

List of Participantsfull biographical information

  1. Michael Aiello
  2. Andrew Alexandra
  3. George Andreopoulos
  4. Shawna M. Brandle
  5. Doug Brooks
  6. William Daly
  7. José L. Gomez del Prado
  8. Aferdita Hakaj
  9. Marcus Hedahl
  10. Kristine Huskey
  11. John Kleinig
  12. Benjamin Perrin
  13. Margaret Leland Smith
  14. Allison Stanger
  15. Hanna Streng
  16. Carly Elisa Villarruel
  17. Nigel D. White