Jodie Roure

Jodie Roure 
Latin American and Latina/o Studies

Professor Roure JD, PhD, is an Associate Professor in the Latin American and Latina/o Studies Department and teaches in the areas of domestic violence/gender rights, criminal justice, international human rights, international criminal justice, race, class and ethnicity in the U.S., and Latina/o studies. She is a former United States Supreme Court intern and directs the St. John’s Law School Prep Program at John Jay. Professor Roure has conducted extensive research in the area of human rights including violence against women in Brasil, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Cuba, and the United States and is an expert witness in this area. She also conducts research on pipeline education, race, class ethnicity and gender in the U.S. Multiple publications can be found at:

Recent Publications, Lectures, and Conference Presentations: 

Recent publications include:

Forthcoming Book: Roure, J.G. Domestic Violence in Latin America: Implementing International Human Rights Law and Principles. (Book Contract with University of Pennsylvania Press Human Rights Series).

2011 Rivera, J. and Roure, J.G. So You Want to be a Lawyer. Puerto Ricans and Their Journey into the Legal Profession: Overcoming Challenges. Accepted for publication in El Centro Journal for Puerto Rican Studies Hunter College, CUNY (Forthcoming Summer 2012).

2011 Roure, J.G. Gender Justice in Puerto Rico: Domestic Violence, Legal Reform and International Human Rights. Human Rights Quarterly (The John Hopkins University Press, August 2011).

Invited Academic Presentations

2011 Roure, J.G. So You Want to be a Lawyer. Puerto Ricans and Their Journey into the Legal Profession: Overcoming Challenges. Invited by Associate Dean Penny Andrews to co-present to the CUNY Law School Faculty. Queens, New York.

2011 Roure, J.G. Domestic Violence, International Human Rights and Constitutional Law Protections: Developments, Practices, and Providing Culturally Sensitive Services. CUNY School of Law Domestic Violence Clinic. Queens, New York.

2011 Roure, J.G. Latinos/as in the Legal Pipeline: Challenges and Obstacles. Willkie, Farr, and Gallagher, LLP Diversity Committee. New York, New York.

Academic Conference Presentations

2012 Roure, J.G. Latina/os and Their Journey into the Legal Profession: Overcoming Challenges and Attaining Access. Siglo XXI: Forging the Future of Latinos in a Time of Crisis, John Jay College, New York, New York.

2011 Roure, J.G. Co-Presenter and Panel Moderator. Current Enrollment Trends of Latinas/os in Law School. CUNY BMI Sixth Annual Conference, Hunter College. New York, New York.

2010 Society of American Law Professors Conference, Bi-Annual Teaching ConferenceTeaching in a Transformative Age: The Law School of the Future, University of Hawaii School of Law, Honolulu, Hawaii. December.

2010 Roure, J.G. Chair. Leaks in the Pipeline: Latina/o Invisibility and Underrepresentation in Higher Education. 38th Annual National Association of Ethnic Studies Conference. Washington, DC.

2010 Roure, J.G. Understanding Underrepresentation Higher Education. Second Annual Educational Summit: Taking Your Education to the Next Level. CUNitY – Lehman College. Bronx, New York.

2009 Roure, J.G. Género, Violencia y Derechos Humanos: Qué Dicen y Qué No Dicen las Estadísticas en República Dominicana. VIII Curso Internacional de Criminología. Universidad Autónoma de Santo Domingo. Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

2009 Roure, J.G. Underrepresented People and the Law: Approaching Law School Admissions for People of Color and First Generation Students. Educational Opportunity Fund Program: Rutgers University School of Arts and Sciences. New Brunswick, New Jersey.

2009 Roure, J.G. Contemporary Domestic Violence Reform in Brazil. Fifth International Conference on Family Law: Towards a Harmonization of Family Law. Havana, Cuba.

2009 Roure, J.G. Chair. Borders of Social Exclusion Among People of Color: Addressing Issues of Education, Civil and Political Rights, and Immigration. 37th Annual National Association of Ethnic Studies Conference. San Diego, California.

2009 Roure, J.G. Overcoming Boundaries and Reaching the Road to Educational Access Via Law School Pipeline Education: Realities, Struggles, and Stories of the Disadvantaged and Underrepresented in New York City. 37th Annual National Association of Ethnic Studies Conference. San Diego, California.

2009 Roure, J.G. Plenary speaker. Mid-Atlantic People of Color Legal Scholarship Conference, Temple University School of Law. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Expert Witness Testimony

2010 Conduct research, provide declarations, and expert testimony In the Matters of Lucas Crispim Alves (aka Lucas Alves Dias Crispim) and Aline Crispim, two cases seeking asylum for domestic violence victims from Brazil. I worked with the global firm of Reed Smith’s pro bono program which represents clients seeking asylum. San Francisco, California.

Case Consultant

2010 Served as family consultant to the family of Monica Burgos for the Beresford Redman homicide case. This high profile case involved Beresford Redman, producer of Survivor, who was charged with murdering his wife in Mexico while on vacation with their minor children. The case involved national and international criminal and civil law issues and family law matters.

International Government Consulting

2010 Working Group Participant and International Scholarly Consultant for the Dominican Government International Working Group on the Family Law Code. Invited by Dr. Margarita Cedeño de Fernández, First Lady of the Domincan Republic, the Comisionado de Apoyo a la Reforma y Modernizacion de la Justicia (the Commission for the Reform and Modernization of Justice), and the Universidad Autonoma de Santo Domingo to assist the Comite Cientifico para la Organizacion de los Congresos de Derecho Familiar (Scientific Committee for the Organization of the Family Law Congress). Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. October.

2002 Working Group Participant and International Scholarly Consultant for the Brazilian Government Working Group on Law 9099/95 (Domestic Violence Reform Group). Invited by President Cardoso of Brazil, the State Minister of Justice, the State Minister of Exterior Relations, and the Secretary of State for Women Rights of Brazil as a participant and international presence. The only non-Brazilian to serve on the working group and make recommendations to the government. Brasilia, Brazil.