Bettina M. Carbonell

Bettina M. Carbonell 

Bettina M. Carbonell is Associate Professor in the Department of English and teaches in the interdisciplinary Humanities and Justice Major. Her primary research areas include literature and ethics, literature and human rights, and the representation of difficult history in museum exhibitions. Professor Carbonell is currently engaged in PSC-CUNY grant-funded fieldwork on a comparative study of the collections, exhibitions, framing narratives and public programs at major African American Museums in the U.S. and she will present a paper on the subject at the American Studies Association Annual Conference in San Juan, PR in November 2012. She will also present her current work on African American narrative, personal ethics, and the critical reciprocity between literature and the law at the Annual American Literature Association Conference in San Francisco in May 2012.

Recent Publications, Lectures, and Conference Presentations: 

“The Afterlife of Lynching: Exhibitions and the Re-Composition of Human Suffering.” Special Issue, “Lynching and American Culture.” Mississippi Quarterly 61.1-2 (Winter / Spring 2008).

“The Syntax of Objects and the Representation of History: Speaking of Slavery in New York.” Special Theme Issue 47, “Historical Representation and Historical Truth.” History and Theory 48.2 (May 2009).

Museum Studies: An Anthology of Contexts. 2nd Edition. (Wiley-Blackwell, 2012).