Suzanne Oboler

Suzanne Oboler 
Latin American and Latina/o Studies

Suzanne Oboler is Professor of Latin American and Latina/o Studies at John Jay College of Criminal Justice, at the City University of New York. Professor Oboler received her PhD from New York University in 1991, and has previously taught at Brown University and the University of Illinois, Chicago. She is Founding Editor of Latino Studies (2002-2012). Her publications include, Ethnic Labels, Latino Lives: Identity and the Politics of (Re)Presentation in the United States, and numerous books chapters and articles. She has edited Latinos and Citizenship: The Dilemma of Belonging; Behind Bars: Latino/as and Prison in the United States( 2006); and co-edited Neither Enemies nor Friends: Latinos, Blacks, Afro-Latinos (2009); She is co-editor in Chief of The Oxford Encyclopedia of Latino/as in the United States (4 vols; 2005); and of The Oxford Encyclopedia of Latinos and Latinas in Contemporary Politics, Law and Social Movements (forthcoming, 2013).

Recent Publications, Lectures, and Conference Presentations: 

“Human Rights, Dissent, and the Case for Substantive Citizenship: Latino/a Immigrants in the United States.” In Direitos humanos em seus desafios contemporâneos, edited by Angela Randolpho Paiva. Rio de Janeiro, Editoria PUC-Rio/ Editora Pallas. (2012).

“Citizenship” (Belinda Rincón, co-author). In The Routledge Companion to Latino/a Literature, edited by Frances Aparicio and Suzanne Bost. New York: Routledge Press, 2012; pp 133-142;

“Nativismo, Imigração e Pertencimento: Latinos nas (ir)realidades americanas do século XXI.” Desigualdade & Diversidade: Revista de Ciencias Sociais da PUC-Rio, #7 (Jul/Dec, 2010);

“The Ironies of History: Puerto Rico’s Status and the Nomination of Judge Sonia Sotomayor.” American Philosophical Association Newsletter on Hispanic/Latino Issues in Philosophy, Fall 2009; Vol. 9 (1)

“Issues and Trends in Latino/Latina Studies Today.” Chair and Discussant. Latino Section Invited Panel. Latin American Studies Association. San Francisco, CA. May 25 2012

“Beyond the Paradox: Health for a new millennium.” Panel Discussant. “¡Salud! Mexican Immigration and Health: Beyond Deficits and Paradoxes Conference.” Lehman College-CUNY. May 11, 2012

“Latino/as in the US: Challenging the Meaning(s) of Citizenship and Belonging in the 21st Century.” Invited Keynote Lecture: “Immigrant Heritage Week.” Queens College, City University of New York. April 17, 2012

Spring, 2011. Fulbright Distinguished Chair in American Studies. Pontificia Universidade Católica. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

“Migration, Ethnicity and Citizenship.” Invited Lecture Interdisciplinary Graduate Program in Regional Development. (NEDER). Universidade do Vale do Rio Doce, Governador Valadares, Minas Gerais Brazil. July 1, 2011

“Latino/a Immigrant Rights in the United States.” Lecture, Fulbright Distinguished Chair of American Studies Seminar: Contemporary Challenges for Human Rights. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, June 8, 2011

“(Re)Defining Citizenship: Latino/as, Race and Politics in the United States.” Invited Lecture and workshop. Graduate Program, FAED; Universidade do Estado de Santa Catarina, Florianópolis, Brazil. April 28, 2011

“Latino/as, Race and the Law.” Inaugural Keynote Address for “Law Week” (Semana Juridica). Invited Lecture. Universidade Federal Rural do Rio de Janeiro-Três Rios, RJ, Brasil. April 26, 2011

Race, Rights and Belonging in the 21st Century: The Case of Latino/as in the United States. Invited Lecture. Graduate Program in Philosophies of Difference and Anthropology of Education and Graduate Program in the Social Sciences. Universidade Federal de Ceara. Fortaleza, Brazil. April 5, 2011

“Institutional realities and activist scholarship: The future of Latino/a Studies” Paper delivered at the Latin American Studies Association, Latino Section Invited Panel. Toronto, October, 2010

“Latino/a Studies in the 21st Century: The State of the Field” Chair and organizer. Latino Section Invited Panel. Latin American Studies Association. Toronto, October 2010

Media Interviews (2012)

NY1 News Interview. “Queens College Kicks Off Immigrant Heritage Week.” April 18, 2012.

The Victoria Advocate Interview. “More reject terms like Hispanic in favor of more specific self-identification,” by Gheni Platenburg. Victoria, Texas: published May 23, 2012.