Hewlett Theory Centers Conference Proceedings 2002

Section I

In Theory: The Images That Inform

A Letter to Jim
Michelle LeBaron

Changing the Focus from “Resolution” to “Conflict”
Deborah Hensler, David Holloway, Lee Ross, Brenna Powell, Byron Bland

Problem Solving and Transformation; Making Our Way Towards a Crisper Debate
Peter S. Adler

Theoretical and Operational Questions in Transformational Conflict Resolution
Frederic Pearson

Section II

In Practice: the Challenges of Context

Intra-Party Dialogue and Communication
John Murray

Reflections on Mediation, Ministry (and Research)
Dana Fenton

A Small Boat, Heavily Loaded
Laura Chasin

A Negotiator’s Nightmare
Susan Hackley

A Paradigm for Theorists and Practitioners
Lise Hunter

The Basics of Dispute Resolution: a Personal Checklist
Chip Stewart

Section III

Research: the Next Questions

Translating Intuitive Knowledge: a Research Agenda for Dispute Resolution
Robert A. Rubinstein

Comments after the Hewlett Centers Conference
Frank Blechman

Assessing Environmental Mediation
Kem Lowry

Section IV

Nuts and Bolts: the Engineering of a “Practice to Theory” Discussion

Exquisite Synergy: a Meeting of the Minds across Levels of Conflict
Dennis Sandole

Reversing Roles: Learning from the Light of the Dark Side
Tom Fiutak

Framing New Directions for Theory from Experience
Marvin Zalman

Framing New Directions for Theory from Practitioners’ Experience
Kathleen Scanlon

Hewlett X-Games
Richard Naimark

Conference Comments
Pia Chaudhari

Two Themes
Aimee Gourlay

Questions Arriving and Departing
Sue Keiser

Pre- and Postconference Musings
Cynthia Jones