Make Talk Work Lyrics

MAKE TALK WORK     by Paul Suciu


Make Talk Work for you and for me
Make a friend outta ya enemy
Make Talk Work for you

(With ya partners wit ya monsters)
(With the gentle wit the devils)
(With ya children wit the kill men)
(With the harmless wit the real sick)

(With ya brothers with ya sisters)
(With ya lovers with the twisted)
(With ya mothers with the misled)
With every other in existence


Makin talk work’s like an art form
Verbal Judo, steppin aside as they dart forward

Understand ya fellow person diversity is perfect
Plus you can’t judge without the verdict

Summarize the issue don’t blame em if they diss you
And it’s ill advised to criticize remember use ya I’s

And use ya ears, apologize even if ya
In the clear, empathize if you see a tear



Don’t pass judgement stop and listen
They won’t be wit it after criticism

You’re my brothers, you’re my sisters
Cease the tension keep talkin

Stop the robbin stop the stealin
Please be conscious we all can be chillin

Look at the options, listen to reason
Keep on rockin keep talkin

(make talk work for)
(you and me keep talkin)
(make talk work for)
(you and me keep talkin)