Days of Dialogue on Black – Jewish Relations

The New York Times Company Foundation awarded the City University of New York Dispute Resolution Consortium $30,000 for the next two years to support “Days of Dialogue on Black-Jewish Relations at CUNY”. This project will provide facilitated, constructive dialogue sessions on relations between members of the Black and Jewish communities at CUNY and NYC. The project will focus on John Jay College during the first year of funding, and will reach out to other CUNY campuses during year two. “Days of Dialogue on Black-Jewish Relations at CUNY” evolved out of the town meeting efforts which began in 1989 at John Jay College of Criminal Justice – CUNY. The town meeting provides a structured, respectful setting for every member of the campus community to be heard and to ask questions. Based on the success of the town meetings at John Jay College, the CUNY DRC received numerous requests from the CUNY community to address more specific areas of concern through similarly constructive means. Borrowing from the town meeting process, Days of Dialogue on Black-Jewish Relations will provide fora for discussion on relations between these two important NYC communities in a safe, respectful, and structured environment.