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Establishing Reputation and Avoiding Risk in Stolen Data Markets

Posted by kinwahwong on Monday, September 8, 2014


Establishing Reputation and Avoiding Risk
in Stolen Data Markets

Tom Holt

Associate Professor

School of Criminal Justice

Michigan State University



Incidents of mass data breaches have grabbed media attention over the last few years, particularly the recent announcement of the Target and Neiman Marcus compromises in 2013.  Researchers in both the
social and technical sciences have begun to study the market for data resale which is driven in part by these data breaches.   These studies demonstrate that the market for data is influenced by seller reputation based on positive and negative feedback provided
by customers, and the influence of social connectivity on a seller’s reputation in the market. 

This presentation will examine both of these issues through an analysis of threads from 13 active Russian and English language forums involved in the sale of stolen data.   Quantitative methods will be employed
to consider the relationships between the social and market practices of the forums. Qualitative research methods will be used to consider the risk reduction strategies of buyers, sellers, and moderators in these forums.  The implications of this study for
law enforcement and criminological theory will be considered in detail.  The policy implications of this study for consumers, law enforcement, and security analysts will be discussed in depth to provide improved mechanisms for the disruption and takedown of
stolen data markets globally. 

Date:                     Monday,  September 15
Time:                     1:30 – 3:00 pm

Location:               John Jay College of Criminal Justice

                             The Moot Court, 6th Floor, New Building


RSVP to CyberCrimeCenter@jjay.cuny.edu
For additional information please contact Professor Doug Salane, Director of the Center for Cybercrime Studies, 212-237-8836 or email

.  Information on this and other lectures is available on the Events page of the Center for Cybercrime Studies Web site


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