Press 2012

The Record (December 28)
Patience Urged as New Ceasefire Kicks In (December 23)
Denver Anti-Gang-Violence Plan Successful, Challenging in Other Cities

Connecticut Public Radio (December 12)
Project Longevity (December 10)
Peoria Gang Members and Associates Given Tough Message (December 10)
Twenty-Five Peoria Men Shocked by “Don’t Shoot” Commitment

OakTalk (December 10)
Oakland Project Ceasefire Update (December 6)
Trial Set for Peoria Gang Members Targeted in Don’t Shoot Campagain (December 3)
City Leaders Prepare for Call-In with Gang Leaders

Bernews (December 3)
One Bermuda Alliance on Crime, Operation Ceasefire

The Bridgeport News (November 27)
‘Project Longevity’ Launched to Reduce Gang and Gun Violence in Connecticut Cities

Chicago Tribune (November 27)
Officials Target Gun Violence in Connecticut

The Daily Cardinal  (December 2)
‘Focused Deterrence’ Has Positive Impact

Merced Sun-Star (November 27)
Stopping Gang Violence Takes Data, Groups Says

CT Mirror (November 27)
Holder, Malloy Give a New Look at an Old Idea on Guns

New Haven Independent (November 27)
Gang-Violence Project Kicks Off

Stamford (November 27)
Holder Announces Bid to Cut Connecticut Gun Violence

News8 (November 27)
Attorney General Eric Holder Discussing Gun Violence (November 27)
Holder Announces Bid to Cut Connecticut Gun Violence

Yale Daily News (November 27)
Holder, Malloy Announce Violent Crime Initiative

Hartford Courant (November 27)
Crime Down but Not Out in the City

Hartford Courant (November 27)
Slate’s Latest Anti-Violence Plan: “Call In” Gang Leaders

New Haven Register (November 27)
US Attorney General Warns New Haven Gangs of Anti-Violence Initiatives

Shorelineplus. com (November 27)
AG Holder Launches Project to Reduce Violence in CT Cities (November 27)
Holder Announces Bid to Cut Connecticut Gun Violence

Houston Chronicle (November 26)
Reducing Gang Violence in Houston (November 14)
Mayor Mitch Landrieu Offers $500,000 in Grants to Help Rehabilitate Bad Guys

The Advocate (November 14)
BRAVE Pinpoints Target for Call-in Meeting

Chicago Sun-Times (November 11)
Chicago Police Take Aim at even Minor Fugitives when they are on “Heat List”

The Times-Picaynne (November 10)
Trying to Interrupt Violence in New Orleans: David M. Kennedy  

The Times-Picaynne (November 8)
Mayor Mitch Landrieu Unveils New Multi-Agency Unit to Target Gang Violence 

The Times-Picaynne (October 27)
New Orleans Could See Fewer Murders within Six Months, Criminologist Says (October 25)
Feds, City Deliver Tough Talk to New Orleans Convicts in Closed-Door Meeting

Oakland Voices (October 25)
Ceasefire Redux: Oakland Relaunches Crime Plan, this Time with Broad Coalition (October 23)
With Violent Crime on the Rise, Rochester Chief Sheppard Turns to Familiar Plan

The Oakland Tribune (October 22)
Oakland’s Expectations Run High for Operation Ceasefire to Curb City’s Violence (October 18)
Prosecutors Use Bomb Squad as Example in “Don’t Shoot” Effort (October 13)
Luciano: Don’t Be So Quick to Judge “Don’t Shoot Effort”

Oakland North (October 11)
With Shooting Deaths Up, Oakland to Give Violence Reduction Program a Second Try

MLive (October 11)
Kalamazoo Department of Public Safety, Community Organizations Announce Commitment to Ceasefire Initiative

Wisconsin State Journal (October 9
Madison Police to Double Unit Focused on Repeat Offenders

St. Louis Beacon (October 8)
Crime Programs Reduce Violence by Focusing on What Works

Loyola University New Orleans Newsroom (October 8)
National and Local Experts Hold Conversation on Lethal Violence in New Orleans

The Oakland Tribune (October 8)
Oakland Quietly Launches Ceasefire

The Daily Beast (September 28)
After a Horrific Summer of Murder, Chicago Trying a Bold New Approach

MetroTimes (September 26)
New Tactic for Crime? (September 24)
Can Ceasefire Work in Richmond?

Gulf Coast Rising (September 6)
BRAVE Aims to Reduce Baton Rouge Juvenile Violence

The Advocate (September 6
BRAVE Grant to Pay for Research, Data Analysis

Delaware Online (September 2)
Gunfire, Silence (August 30)
Author Makes Impassioned Plea at “Don’t Shoot” Forum (August 29)
Author: Gun Violence Can Stop, But Community Must Change (August 29)
“Don’t Shoot” Author Says Peoria is Unique in How It Applies His Method

CommonWealth Magazine Webcast (August 27)
Can We Stop Urban Gang Violence? (August 27) 
Is Operation Ceasefire the Solution to Violence on Oakland’s Streets?

WCBU 89.9 (August 23) 
Peoria’s “Don’t Shoot” Roundtable Discussions

SFGate (August 20) 
Oakland Giving Ceasefire Another Try 

The Wall Street Journal (August 18) 
Communities Struggle to Break Grim Cycle of Killing (August 18) 
Peoria’s Don’t Shoot” Hits the Street (August 18) 
Anti-Drug Program, Successful in Other Cities, Facing Doubters in East Austin 

Sun-Times Chicago (August 16)
Feds Agree to Help Chicago Police with New Anti-Violence Strategy (August 17) 
Homicides in Avondale this Year: Zero

Boston Public Radio (August 16) 
Unorthodox Ways to Stem Crime

U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of International Information Programs (August 15) 
Operation Ceasefire: Communities Tackling Crime (August 13) 
Crime-Fighting Strategy Could Lead to a Significant Reduction in Oakland’s Street Shootings (August 13)
Don’t Shoot Idea Aims to Curtail Gun Violence

San Francisco Chronicle (August 7) 
Ed Lee Drops Stop-Frisk Plan Amid Uproar (August 7) 
Peoria Neighborhood Takes a Stand Against Crime

WCBU89.9 (August 7) 
Peoria Residents Share Thoughts on Crime, “Don’t Shoot” Initiative

WCBU89.9 (August 7) 
Peoria “Don’t Shoot” Initiative Launches Today

Get The Word (August 2) 
Peoria Launches “Don’t Shoot” Program 

U.S. Department of Justice (August 1)
Acting Associate Attorney General Tony West Speaks at the COPS Community-Policing Conference

Peoria (August) 
Don’t Shoot (July 31) 
Peoria Mayor Says “Don’t Shoot” is Relevant

CommonWealth (July 10) 
Hold Your Fire (July 7) 
Want to Reduce Violence? Give Community a Stake

Huffington Post (July 5) 
What is a Gang Audit?

Dylan Ratigan Show MSNBC (June 21) 
How Community Can Overpower Crime

The CT Mirror (June 21) 
New Program Trains Sights on Gun Violence in Major Cities (June 21) 
Call it a Criminal Intervention (June 21) 
Officials Unveil Plan to Fight Urban Violence

The Hour (June 21) 
Connecticut Officials Announce Urban Violence Plan

Hartford Courant (June 21) 
Malloy Pledges Effort to Curb City Violence

Connecticut Network (June 21) 
Gov. Malloy, City Mayors and U.S. Attorney Fein Announce New Plan for Addressing Urban Violence

SarasotaPatch (June 15) 
Urban Crime Prevention Program Intrigues Officials 

BeyondChron (June 14)
A Winning Strategy to Stop Urban Violence, Public Drug Dealing (May 27)
Anti-Snitch Culture Hinders Police in Bridgeport

Huffington Post (May 22)
Reducing Crime through Policing and Employment

Delaware Online (May 12)
Offenders Offered Warnings, Hope under Wilmington’s New Strategy (May 6)
Cincinnati Offers Toledo a Model in Crime Fight 

The Oakland Tribune (April 30)
David Kennedy Talks Oakland and Ceasefire 

The Nation (April 24)
Beyond Stop-and-Frisk: Toward Policing that Works

The Wall Street Journal (April 22)
Rethinking the War on Drugs

New York Times (April 19)
Beyond Stop-and-Frisk

The Oakland Tribune (April 22)
Time for Real Solutions to Oakland Killings

MLive (April 16)
Kalamazoo Department of Public Safety Chief Announces New Community-Policing Division

Newsweek (April 16)
Liberal Academic, Tea Party Leader Rethinking Crime Policy 

Swarthmore College Daily Gazette (April 16)
Making Ceasefire Happen: Q&A with David Kennedy ’80

Kansas City Star (April 10)
The New Crime Watch: Kansas City studies Cincinnati’s Focus on Groups

Hartford Courant (April 9)
Pastore Watches From Nearby As New Haven Returns To Community Policing (April 7)
“Stop Snitching” Migrates Online 

PRI’s The World (March 27)
Glasgow’s Anti-Violence Initiative 

MLive (March 25)
Crime-Prevention Authority David Kennedy Addresses Violence in Kalamazoo as ISAAC Keynote Speaker

MLive (March 23)
Kalamazoo Starting from Position of Strength as it Addresses Violence (March 20)
A Program of Peace on Avondale 

Huffington Post (March 19)
Stockton’s Poor Mired in Violence after Police Cuts, Recession 

MLive (March 17)
Renowned Violence-Reduction Program Draws Success from its Simplicity 

MLive (March 14)
Well-known Author, Crime-Prevention Expert David Kennedy to Speak in Kalamazoo 

The Advocate (March 13)
Community Leaders Advised on Anti-Violence Program 

SarasotaPatch (March 12)
Police Chief Hasn’t Heard ‘Outcry’ on Murders

New York Times (March 6)
Drug Policy as Race Policy: Best Seller Galvanizes the Debate

Ricochet (March 3)
Book Recommendation: David Kennedy’s Don’t Shoot

The Economist (March 3)
Cleaning Up the ‘Hood

Richmond Confidential (February 29)
Richmond’s First Ceasefire Call-In to Debut Soon

The Advocate (February 24)
Program to Reduce Violence Presented  

Governing (February)
How Game Theory is Reinventing Crime Fighting

The Independent (February 1)
Gangs Brought Face to Face with Victims as London Tries US Scheme

DelawareOnline (January 30)
Wilmington Officials Studying High Point Crime Fighting Plan

New York Times (January 30)
In a Gang-Ridden City, New Efforts to Fight Crime While Cutting Costs

Financial Press (January 8)
Oakland Sees Homicide Total Reach Triple Digits, Violent Crime Spike in 2011 after 1 Year Drop (January 7)
A Different Direction

Newsworks (January 3)
Inauguration Day: The Poet, the Mayor and the Clerk (January 1)
NOPD Release of Murder Victims’ Criminal Records is Challenged