Press 2010

Winston-Salem Journal (December 21)

Winston-Salem Sees 13% Drop in Violent Crime

Chicago Crusader (November 1)
One Murder = 60 Arrests

Chicago Sun-Times (October 29)
Cops Make Good on Threat to Gang-Bangers (October 27)
Chicago Police Superintendent Keeps His Word

The High Point Enterprise (October 26)
Jobs Program For Felons Makes Inroads

Chicago Tribune (October 26)
Police Arrests Dozens of Gang Members

ABC Chicago (October 26)
Police: New Gang Strategy Starting to Work

NBC Chicago (October 26)
More Than 60 Nabbed in Crackdown

Huffington Post (October 26)
Chicago Gang Violence: Police Chief Follows Through on Controversial Strategy

Chicago Tribune (October 25)
Chicago Police Make Good on Gang Warning 

Davidson County Dispatch (September 17)
Project Safe Neighborhood Comes to County Amid Great Anticipation

Chicago Tribune (September 7)
Crushing Gang Violence in Chicago

New York Times (September 4)
Good Intent Gone Awry After Pair of Meetings

Chicago Sun Times (September 3)
Gang Member Tells Others: “Put the Guns Down”

Chicago Tribune (September 3)
Facing Down the Gang Leaders

CBS2 Chicago (September 2)
Community Residents Comment On Gang Meeting

Chicago Breaking News Center (September 1)
Fitzgerald Mum About Next Blago Trial: ‘I won’t touch it’

Chicago Tribune (September 1)
Quinn Disagrees with Weis’ Gang Meeting (August 30; Updated September 2)
Secret Police-Gang Meeting Won’t Work, Activist Says

Chicago Sun-Times (August 29)
Cops to Gangs: Stop the Killings – or Else

The Herald-Dispatch (August 6)
New Tool Being Used in Drug Battle

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (July 27)
Former Steelers Running Back Gives Boost to Anti-Gang Program

The Crime Report (July 21)
One Vision One Life

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (July 14)
Pittsburgh Gang Members Attend ‘Call-In’

Pittsburg Post-Gazette (July 11)
City Organizes Assault on Violence

The Monterey Herald (July 8)
Ceasefire Showing Progress

Ventura County Reporter Online (July 1)
New Program Succeeds in Reducing Gang Violence in Oxnard

The Providence Journal (June 30)
New Pilot Program to Offer Teens a Place to Go at Night

Omaha World-Herald (June 27)
A Fresh Grip on Gangs, Gun Crimes

Memphis Daily News (June 21)
Springdale Fights Back

Washington Post (June 17)
Legal System Forces Face-to-Face Meetings with Prince George County’s Most Violent Criminals

NewarkPatch (June 16)
Newark Police to Launch Ceasefire Strategy to Combat Gang Violence

Montery County Herald (May 25)
Ceasefire’s California Challenge

The Monetary Herald (May 15)
Crossing the Line of Ceasefire: Offenders Find out Breaking Agreement Has Consequences

Marin Independent Journal (May 15)
Baltimore Violent Crime Drops as Cops Narrow Focus

News 14 Carolina (May 12)
High Point Police Tells Criminals to Straighten Out

The Monterey Herald (April 23)
Operation Knockout: Gang Raid Targets Nuestra Familia in Salinas

Commercial Appeal, Memphis, Tennessee (April 20)
Memphis Police Shutter Drug House, Announce Indictments of 51

The Oakland Tribune (April 13)
Union City Launches Youth Violence Prevention Program

The Monterey Herald (April 1)
Police Raid on Salinas Gang Ends in Three Arrests

The Monterey Herald (March 26)
Police Arrest Salinas Gang Members in Sweep After Boy’s Death

WREG CBS3 Memphis, TN (March 4)
Drug Market Initiative

The High Point Enterprise (n.d)
Drug Initiative Moves: High Point Police Target Washington Drive Corridor

The High Point Enterprise (n.d.)
Washington Drive Residents Welcome Anti-Crime Initiative

The High Point Enterprise (n.d.)
Our View: Anti-Crime-Effort Commences

Seattle Central District News (January 29)
Drug Market Initiative Shows Concrete Progress

The Guardian UK (January 21)
Anti-Social Behavior Orders (Asbos) for Gangs Don’t Work. This Talking Cure Just Might

Central Florida News 13 (January 21)
Are Drug Dealers Keeping Their Promise for a Second Chance?

Daily News Los Angeles (January 20)
Prison Problems

My EyeWitness (January 13)
Drug Market Intervention Targets North Memphis Neighborhood (January 13)
Drug Intervention Program Offers Second Chance

The Commercial Appeal (January 13)
Anti-drug program Arrests 50 in North Memphis; 5 Get Special Second Chance (January 13)
Law Enforcement, City Leaders Look to Stamp out Open-Air Drug Markets

News 14 Carolina (January 11)
Police Look to Neighbors to Fight Washington Drive Crime (January 10)
Police, Residents Work to Lower Crime at Providence’s Troubled Chad Brown Project