Press 2009

Christian Science Monitor (December 23)

More Guns Equal More Crime? Not in 2009, FBI Crime Report Shows (December 21)
Ocala Tries to Save a Neighborhood by Cutting Deals with Drug Dealers

Monterey Herald (December 6)
Conference Offers Hope for Salinas

The Crime Report (December 3)
Cops and Communites

Providence Journal (November 17)
Violence expert says communal effort can cut crime (November 1)
Hitting Violent Street Gangs Where it Hurts

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (October 29)
Anti-Gang Initiative Coming Together After 13-Month Wait

The Economist (October 22)
The Velvet Glove

Prospect (October 21)
How to Really Hug a Hoodie

NPR (September 16)
Cincinnati Police Partner with Academics

Washington Post (September 11)
U.S. Sentencing Commission Urged to Give Judges More Flexibility

Time (September 2)
Street Crime: Too Often Blamed on Gangs, Experts Say

Seattle Central District News (August 27)
23rd & Union Neighbors Agree: DMI Making a Difference (August 23)
Violent Crime Reduction Initiative (August 23)
In High Point, N.C., They Took a Chance (August 12)
Man Initially Given Deal in Crack Case charged Tuesday

SPD Blotter – Seattle Police News and Events (August 8)
New Strategy Aims to Reduce Street Drug Dealing (August 7)
Seattle Drug Dealers Given One Shot to Clean Up

Seattle Times (August 7)
Police Ultimatum to Drug Dealers: Quit, or Go to Prison (August 7)
Prosecutor to Suspected Drug Dealers: Stop Selling and We’ll Let You Walk Away (August 6)
High Point’s Answer to Crime Serves as National Model

The Tennessean (August 1)
Police Intervention Tames East Nashville’s Mean Streets

The Guardian (July 29)
US Academic David Kennedy on Crime and Group Punishment (July 17)
Cincinnati Police Fight Crime with Computers

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (July 6)
Pittsburgh’s Anti-Violence Program Ready to Start

Seattle Channel (July 2)
Youth Violence Prevention

Seattle Post Globe (June 29)
Crime Expert to City Council: A Community “Intervention” is Key to Reducing Violence

Seattle Central District News (June 26)
New Program Offers Choice to Drug Dealers: Help vs. Jail

Seattle Times (June 26)
Gangs: Experts Teach Seattle a Consistent Approach

Seattle Time (June 25)
Innovators visit Seattle to Describe Ways that Work to Cut Gang Violence 

New Yorker (June 22)
Don’t Shoot

Progressive Policy Institute (June 19)
Can’t-Miss Offer For Policy Revolutionaries: Hang Out With PPI, Get Featured In The New Yorker

The Providence Journal (June 4)
Esserman Gives Two Briefings in D.C.

Daily Times – Salisbuy, MD (May 31)
Berlin Targets Drug Dealers

The Dispatch (May 29)
Prosecutor Declares War On Open Air Drug Markets

The Daily Times (May 28)
Drug Dealers Confronted by their Berlin Neighbors

The Providence Journal (May 22)
Virginia Police View Success of Clean-Up of Providence Neighborhood

Christian Science Monitor (April 23)
People Making a Difference: Teny Gross

DC Public Safety (Radio Show – March 12)
Cincinnati Initiative to Reduce Violence

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (March 7)
County Gets $3.2 Million for Law Enforcement

WUWM Milwaukee Public Radio (March 3)
Community Justice: Interview with John Jay College President Jeremy Travis

NPR (February 2009)
Expert Says Economic Woes May Spur Crime Rate

Newsweek (Febrauary 9)
Always on My Mind

Dayton Daily News (February 1)
Dayton Hopes to Learn from Cincinnati Gang Bust

New York Times (January 18)
Street Known for Drug Crime is Getting Clean (January 14)
Progress in Hempstead: Drug Crime Dropped on Terrace Avenue (January 14)
DA Rice Touts Efforts to Clean Up Drugs in Nassau

Lancaster Online (January 13)
Communities Benefit When Dealers Get Deal

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (January 4)
Pittsburgh Homicides Jump 28% as other Cities See Decline