Press 2008


CUNY’s Salute to Scholars (Winter 2008)
Novel Drug Crackdown is Saving Cities

USA Today (December 22)
Crime Increases in Some Areas as Economy Fails

Sunday Times, UK (December 21)
The War on Knife Thugs Starts in the Womb

British Medical Journal (December 13)
An Unusual Day in Court

BBC World News America (December 12)
Can US Crime Miracle help Glasgow?

NPR (November 20)
Expert Says Economic Woes May Spur Crime Rate

Pittsburgh City Paper (October 15-22)
Practicing What He Preaches

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (October 12)
City’s Anti-Crime Plan Has Mixed Record

New York Times (October 9)
Keeping Wary Eye on Crime as Economy Sinks

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (September 30)
City Recruits Churches for Anti-Crime Effort

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (September 26)
Councilman Calls for Anti-Violence Program

ABC Primetime (August 20)
New Program Reforms Drug-Torn Neighborhood

The Wall Street Journal (July 10)
Communities Pay for High Prison Rate

Providence City News (July 10)
Police & Community Celebrate Successful Lockwood Crime Fighting Initiative With Cookout

NPR (June 28)
Cops Target L.A. Gangs’ Shot Callers

New York Magainze (June 1)
Dog Days Debate. Do recent headlines point to a high-crime summer?

Adelaide Now
Rann’s $11m teen crime fight 

NPR (May 8)
Stop Snitchin’ Movement Confounding Criminal Justice

The Wall Street Journal (May 6)
Murder Spike Poses Quandary

Toronto Star (April 27)
A Look Beyond the Hand Gun Ban

Newsweek (April 14)
The Crime Conundrum

University of Cincinnati Magazine (April 1)
Killer Data

NPR (March 23)
Anti-Drug Program Tackles Open-Air Markets

Liverpool Echo (Feburary 18)
Matrix Police Issue Warning to Criminals

Yale Alumni Magazine (January/February)
Man on the Street: Profile of Elijah Anderson

New York Times (January 21)
Tough But Smart on Drugs

The Providence Journal (January 7)
Calm Comes to Lockwood Neighborhood