Press 2007

Rolling Stone Magazine (December 13)

How We Lost the War on Drugs

New York Times (November 23)
City Homicides Still Dropping, To Under 500

New York Times (September 12)
Biggest Test for Newark’s New Badge

USA Today (August 31)
Criminals Target Each Other, Trend Shows

Governing Magazine (August 1)
Bratton’s Brigade

Jacksonville (June 25)
Felons Are Victims, Too, She Discovers

Financial Times (April 17)
Campus Gunman Kills 33 at Rural University

University of Cincinatti (April 4)
UC Experts Set to Help City Fight Rising Homicide Problem

The Atlantic (April 1)
The Story of a Snitch

The Providence Journal (March 10)
Closing Crack Highway

Committee on the Judiciary (February 15)
Making Communities Safer: Youth Violence and Gang Interventions That Work (Prepared Testimony)

City Beat (February 7)
Finally Ready for a Ceasefire

Nation’s Cities Weekly (January 29)
13 Cities in California Share Gang Violence Prevention Strategies

Jacksonville (January 18)
Lure of the Game

Seattle Post-Intelligencer (January 2)
Homicides on Rise in Seattle