Press 2006


MassINC (Winter 2006)
Crime and Puzzlement

Sheriff (November/December)
The Violence Must Stop (December 14)
Taking Back the Neighborhood

The Wall Street Journal (September 27)
Novel Police Tactics Put Drug Markets Out of Business

New York Times (August 22)
Attention Oakland Troublemakers: The Police Are Keeping a Close Eye on You

Washington Post (August 13)
The Neighborhood War Zone

USA Today (July 27)
Some Cities see Resurgent Wave of Street Crime

Jacksonville (June 22)
Murder Rate: A Fresh Approach

Jacksonville (June 17)
Legal Expert: Prevention Key to Controlling Homicides

Fox 61 WTIC-TV Connecticut (June 16)
Hartford Echoes Crime Trend

MSNBC.COM (June 16)
Murder Up in Small Cities (June 16)
Nationwide Resurgence of Gang Activity Troubling to Authorities (June 16)
Drug Crime Goes Country (June 12)
FBI: Violent-Crime Surge is Worst in Midwest

City Journal (Summer 2006)
New York Cops: Still the Finest – Times Herald-Record (April 26)
Prisoners Steer Kids Away (April 10)
Craving Fame Leads to Shame

New York Times (March 26)
Counting Heads Along the Thin Blue Line

The Jersey Journal (March 23)
Out of Harm’s Way

The Detroit News (February 9)
Project Shows How to Muzzle Detroit’s Shootings

Social Inclusion Initiative (Australia) (February 1)
Innovations in Juvenile Justice

Mother Jones (January/February)
Straight Outta Boston

The Boston Globe (January 28)
Boston’s Armistice

New York Times (January 26)
Trashy or Not, a Drug Peril Creeps Closer Star Ledger (January 4)
State’s Inner Cities See Surge in Killings