Press 2005

John Jay Magazine (November 1)
David Kennedy’s Unconventional Approaches to Crime and Gang Violence Get Results

NPR (August 12)
Minister Works to Revive Boston Miracle (July 3)
City in a Danger Zone

Reason (May 1)
Straight Shooting on Gun Control

Pittsburgh Tribune Review (April 29)
Federal Agents, Prosecutors Targeting Guns

NPR (March 25)
Rochester Targets Crime with Community Policing

Rochester Democrat & (March 14)
City Homicides Drop 39%

C-Span Washington Journal (March 14)
Combating Gang Violence

NPR (March 14)
Justice Under the Gun

Washington Dateline (March 4)
First Lady Fights Gangs

The Enquirer Cincinnati.Com (March 3)
Witness Killings Spread Nationally

McClatchy Newspapers (March 2)
Law enforcers say Bush Budget Cuts Would Hamper Anti-Gang Efforts

Law Enforcement News (March 1)
Calling a Ceasefire — Sending Gangs the Message: Change, or Else

New York Times (February 28)
Rochester Journal / Taking the Streets Back from Gangs, One Merciless Step at a Time

C-SPAN (February 7)
Combating Gang Violence